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Make sure your holiday let is safe for guests

From July 11, self-contained holiday accommodation in Wales will be allowed to reopen. However, it is not a case of business as usual. Owners of such accommodation must implement a range of measures to ensure guests are safe and to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The Welsh Government and the Welsh Tourism Alliance have come up with a cleaning protocol that all self-catering properties or short term lets must adhere to. We have been helping some clients implement these measures. Some of the basic guidelines are as follows, but call us for advice or help implementing these.

The new protocols can be found on the Welsh Tourism alliance site. Some of the key points are:

Risk assessment

It is worth getting a professional company to conduct this.  The core principle of this guidance is risk management and risk identification, which will outline potential risks within a property, and suggest action steps to mitigate those risks.

Guidelines for cleaning

A document that outlines cleaning protocols will be very helpful to all parties. It will outline the risks and make key suggestions around ventilating a property, along with which cleaning products should be used, where and in what order a property should be cleaned.

Waste disposal

Disposal of waste: waste of any kind should be placed in a plastic bag, tied and removed from the property and disposed of in an external bin. Hazardous waste should be disposed of according to government or council guidelines.

Leave time between bookings

Though no specific timeframe has been dictated by the guidelines, they do suggest that common sense is used so that a deep clean is possible between guests arriving and leaving and a property has time to be properly ventilated. COVID-19 can live for different amounts of time in different surfaces (a guide is in the document), so this should be taken into account when considering the time between bookings.

Guidelines for guests

Guests should be informed of what to expect before they visit and advised to the cleaning regime in place. They should also be supplied with adequate cleaning supplies and other safety guidelines and social distancing restrictions at a site.

COVID-19 symptoms protocol

Protocols should be clearly in place for how to respond if a guest or anyone associated with a property has COVID-19 symptoms. These should be clear and easy to follow.

More information on this can be found at the link below, or contact us: