May 25 2020 0Comment

Preparing to reopen workplaces safely

Coronavirus has disrupted the operations of all companies in Wales to some degree. But as lockdown restrictions start to be lifted, we are getting a lot more questions from clients about how they can ensure their workplaces are safe for staff to return to.

Firstly, we would suggest investing in giving the workplace a deep clean before anyone returns. On top of the usual methods of cleaning, we have invested in specialist chemicals and equipment that can be used to neutralise viruses, we have also invested in several ‘fogging’ machines, portable devices that emit a fine sanitising spray into the air, covering every surface with a virus-killing chemical.

These chemicals offer no risk to humans, do not cause allergies and are very effective at sterilising surfaces of any type. We would recommend doing this before reopening workplaces and also doing additional cleans if any cases of Coronavirus are suspected.

Once a workplace is reopened, it is then time to look at the frequency of cleaning. This depends on the nature of the workplace and number of staff, but we would certainly recommend upping the frequency of cleaning as well as getting staff to take extra responsibility for certain things.

We would recommend external specialist cleaners visit at least twice a week and do a deeper clean every two weeks minimum.

We can also help educate staff around what they can do to stay safe. It is worth devising a rota of responsibility whereby individuals clean certain areas and surfaces daily with special chemicals we can provide. These would include light switches, IT equipment, desks and furniture, remote controls and any buttons on lifts and entry systems

We are happy to speak to any company worried about their workforce returning to work. We have great expertise in this area now having worked alongside specialist contractors on NHS facilities in Bristol and Swansea. All our staff are specially-trained and able to devise a bespoke service depending on a company’s needs.