May 11 2020 0Comment

Investing in sterilising equipment to keep workplaces safe

Along with all businesses, we have been navigating unprecedented times of late. But as a specialist commercial cleaning company, we have also found ourselves receiving many more inquiries than usual from companies keen to protect their staff and get a better understanding of what is possible when it comes to sanitisation and the long-term effectiveness of various cleaning products.

In the days before the Coronavirus pandemic, few building or property managers gave much thought to the effectiveness of various cleaning products and the implications of how often a building was cleaned. Now, many are on speed dial to their CEO as businesses attempt to navigate the pitfalls of keeping a business operational where staff still need to come to premises – while keeping everyone safe.

This will only become a more complex question once restrictions start to be lifted. We are already speaking to businesses attempting to plan a return to work for their staff, while reassuring them and their customers that it is safe to do so. The question of how clean a workplace can be is now front and centre for many people.

With all this in mind, we have been doing our own research on the best way of tackling the Coronavirus and which chemicals and sanitisers are the best at neutralising its effects. For the most part, the key lays in simply regular and deep cleaning. But we have also made some investments.

Clean Sweep has invested in several ‘fogging’ machines, portable devices that emit a fine sanitising spray into the air, covering every surface with a virus-killing chemical. This adheres to every surface it comes into contact with, neutralising any pathogens there in the process.

Regular use of a ‘fogging’ machine can go a long way towards ensuring a workplace is safe and reassuring staff.

In addition to this, we can also supply a range of cleaning products and materials that staff can be encouraged to use – to wipe surfaces after use and their desks after a day’s work. Especially in spaces where hot desking is used, this can give reassurance to staff that they are working in a safe space.