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Tips on how to keep your carpets looking brand new

Carpets can often be neglected in household cleaning, and a thorough vacuum won’t restore them to their former glory. Below are some tips to help you revitalise your carpets!


Have a regular cleaning schedule

Without regular maintenance, your carpets will become tired looking and distressed. It’s recommended to clean your carpets every three months or so using a domestic carpet cleaner. However, not everyone has the space for these types of machines in their home, so you could go down the hiring route to save rearranging your storage.


Treat liquid stains as soon as they happen

Don’t let stains linger, as they could end up penetrating your carpet’s fibres and make the clean-up even harder. Using a carpet cleaner as soon as the stain is created will lift the liquid out of the carpet almost immediately. Attempting to blot stains could also cause them to further penetrate your carpet, so it’s best to stick to carpet cleaners for best results.


Using pre-treatment to make clean-up easier

If a stain is older or soaked deeper into the carpet, you may need to use a pre-treatment before using carpet cleaner in order to remove the stain in its entirety. Pre-treatments will infiltrate the stain and sink in; allowing the carpet cleaner to easily lift the stain and leave you carpet looking like new.


Understanding your carpet

It’s good to know what material your carpet is made from by checking the attached tags. While knowing what caused the stain is important too, different cleaning methods will work best for different carpet types. For example, a woollen carpet in your home will require a different pre-treatment to a silk-based carpet. Knowing your carpet is vital to maintaining and improving its condition after a spill.