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Keeping your home clean on a budget

Trying to keep your home spick and span doesn’t have to clean out your wallet. Through a combination of cost-effective alternatives and some helpful tips, you can maintain a spotless home without breaking the bank.

Use less product

By using only the minimum amount of product required, you can help to stretch the time between trips to the shop for top-ups. With some extra elbow grease, a small amount of product will still be able to perform and produce sparkling results. Certain products, such as bleach for floor cleaning, can also be diluted using a little bit of water to help stretch their longevity.

Repurpose old clothes

Got any old t-shirts or socks that you no longer wear? Turn them into cleaning cloths to help save your pennies. They work well for general cleaning of hard surfaces, dusting, and even wiping down and polishing wooden or glass furnishings.

Only the essentials

You may feel the need to purchase a load of high-cost branded products, but you can get away with a small selection of multi-use cleaning goods to save some cash. You can also use other household items for cheap multi-use cleaning, such as alcohol-based hand gel for removing pen stains, toothpaste for cleaning bathroom tiles, and even coffee filters to clean your windows.

Look at some home-made alternatives

By using some common household items that are collecting dust in your cupboards, you can make some DIY cleaning products to save some money. For example, a combination of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice is the perfect home-made solution to your dirty windows and mirrors.