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How to keep your warehouse clean

Industrial cleaning is crucial to the running of a business. It won’t perform at its best if things are dirty and unorganized. There’s a lot of factors to consider when cleaning, and often it is vital to hire a cleaning service. However, it’s important to operate in a way that minimizes the amount of work in the first place.


Encourage staff to clean as they go

Some machinery will produce shavings or waste, so this should be cleaned as the day progresses. If these kind of messes are left till the end, not only could it affect the machinery but will be more of a hassle to clean up later on. Any plastic wrap or palettes should be cleared away as soon as possible, because they’re also a trip hazard too.


Make sure bins are emptied

Overflowing bins are a common cause of warehouse untidiness. If staff can’t properly dispose of their rubbish, they will resort to dumping it where they shouldn’t. This isn’t just a hazard, but also decreases the motivation of staff if the workplace is surrounded in rubbish. It’s an easily fixed problem, so make it a priority. On the topic of bins – proper recycling facilities are also important.


Create a cleaning schedule

Especially in workplaces where there is shift work, not having a cleaning schedule can slow things down. Staff coming in should not have to tidy the mess of staff leaving. Staff should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves, but designated zones and schedules can streamline the process. Make sure any supplies, like a dustpan and brush or broom, are easily accessible so time isn’t wasted.


Have proper storage

Pathways should be clear, and that can only happen if everything is stored properly. Don’t let your warehouse overspill. Not only is this a massive health and safety risk, but can make cleaning your warehouse much harder. Either spots will be missed, or cleaners may attempt to move heavy objects they shouldn’t. Avoid workplace injury and a dirty warehouse by investing in proper organisation.


Keep organised

Having proper storage is not the only way to keep organised. Knowing your inventory will help to reduce clutter and make cleaning easier. This way you prevent yourself from over-ordering stock and have more storage space for more needed stock. Keeping on top of the day-to-day operations of the warehouse will make cleaning it much easier.