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How to clean before your holiday

Summer is on its way, the weather is warming up, holidays are on the horizon. Cleaning may not be at the top of your list for the holiday preparations but you’ll thank yourself for it when you get back home. You can use our tips to make a checklist of things you should do before you go on your next holiday.


Do all the washing

There is nothing worse than coming home from your holiday and finding a load of dirty washing to do. Add to that a suitcase full of dirty washing from your holiday! Try and get through as much of it as you can before you leave so that you don’t have an overwhelming amount when you get back.


Wash the dishes

Dirty dishes in the sink will not only make the kitchen smell rancid when you get back but it will also invite bugs and pests into your home. If you have a dishwasher, you can load it up so that it’s clean for your return. Otherwise, try to wash them and put them away so you don’t make any furry friends.


Empty the fridge

Anything that will perish in your fridge needs to be eaten or composted before you go. Fruit, vegetables and milk will all leave a nasty smell in your fridge on your return if they go out of date while you’re away. If the fridge has seen better days, you might want to give the inside a bit of a scrub too.


Take out the bins

It’s the same principle as the fridge – rotting food in your bin will smell awful. Try and take out the bins just before you leave so that there’s nothing left in there to rot.


Change your sheets

This one isn’t crucial – but what’s better than falling into crisp, fresh sheets on your bed? You’ll be especially grateful if your flight gets in during the early hours of the morning. At the very least, make sure you’ve made your bed before you go.


Clean the bathroom

Water can cause havoc in the bathroom, so keeping the bathroom clean is a must. Wipe down your shower or bath and make sure to dry away any water so you don’t get mould. Wash any towels that you’ve left in there so that you have fresh ones to come home to. You also might want to clean the toilet too.