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January 20 2020 0Comment

Tips on how to keep your carpets looking brand new

Carpets can often be neglected in household cleaning, and a thorough vacuum won’t restore them to their former glory. Below are some tips to help you revitalise your carpets!   Have a regular cleaning schedule Without regular maintenance, your carpets will become tired looking and distressed. It’s recommended to clean your carpets every three months […]

January 06 2020 0Comment

Keeping your home clean on a budget

Trying to keep your home spick and span doesn’t have to clean out your wallet. Through a combination of cost-effective alternatives and some helpful tips, you can maintain a spotless home without breaking the bank. Use less product By using only the minimum amount of product required, you can help to stretch the time between […]

December 23 2019 0Comment

Top tips on cleaning up pet hair!

We love our fur babies, but their hair gets everywhere – especially if you have a long-haired breed. We’re all familiar with the struggle of hoovering the carpets, hoping it sucks up the pet hair, but it ends up just moving the hair around. Don’t even mention the amount of lint rollers a pet owner […]

December 11 2019 0Comment

Clogged drains? Unclog them without paying for a plumber!

You’re in the shower, and the water is lapping at your feet. You hope it’ll sort itself out, but the water rises each time you shower. Filled with hope, you attack the drain with the plunger and any liquid drain un-blocker you can find – but to no avail. Before you give up and call […]

November 28 2019 0Comment

Leading Welsh cleaning company completes project at Cardiff Heath Hospital

Swansea-based commercial and industrial cleaning company, Clean Sweep, continues to expand and grow in Wales, having recently completed a three-year cleaning contract at the new MRI building at Cardiff Heath Hospital. Clean Sweep was appointed by Kier Regional Building to carry out daily cabin and welfare cleaning for the duration of the project, which consisted […]

November 25 2019 0Comment

Cleaning Hacks You Should Know About!

Tired of spending hours cleaning your house? It doesn’t have to be back-breaking, tiring work, and your home doesn’t have to stink of harsh chemicals! We’ve found some really useful cleaning hacks that we want to share with you. These will cut your cleaning time in half, yet still provide the sparkling results you want! […]

November 11 2019 0Comment

Natural Laundry Stain Removers

Not a fan of using harsh chemicals as a way of removing stains from your clothes? Don’t panic, we have made a list of all-natural stain removers that are just as effective, if not better, than harsh chemicals! Distilled White Vinegar: This is an excellent, cheap, and effective method of brightening your whites and removing […]

October 28 2019 0Comment

Health and Safety tips for Industrial Cleaning

If you’re considering hiring an industrial cleaning service, then it’s crucial to know the relevant health and safety precautions. To make your life slightly easier, we have made a list of all the vital health and safety tips you need to know. Cleaning Risk Assessments: Risk assessments are a legal requirement, and must be carried […]

October 14 2019 0Comment

How to avoid a messy staff room

Keeping a staff room clean can be a tricky task, especially in a workplace with a lot of employees. Everybody’s busy, no one knows who’s responsible, and the mess keeps piling up. But there are ways to deal with this, and the task is more manageable than it may look. Here’s our advice on how […]

September 30 2019 0Comment

Why you should hire a commercial cleaning company for your business

Offices, warehouses, storage units and retail stores tend to become very untidy very quickly. This is especially the case if your business is centred on production, and sanitation is of the utmost importance. Whether you manufacture products for the general public, or are responsible for stocking and selling these items, hygiene is a must. This […]