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5-step method to cleaning your curtains

Curtains can be real statement pieces in your home, so it’s important to look after them. While a good hoover attachment can keep them looking clean, you should wash your curtains every few years to keep them fresh. Follow this 5-step method to get your curtains looking brand new again.

Prepare the curtains

Begin by removing all the hooks and weights from the curtain. You may want to let the hem of the fabric down if it’s a material that will be likely to shrink. Then simply shake the curtains to remove any excess dust.

Soak and wash

Soak the curtains in cold water, and then carefully wash them depending on the fabric they’re made of. If you are hand-washing the curtains, you need to make sure that the detergent you use is completely dissolved before submerging the curtains into the solution.

Rinse them out

Rinse your curtains out and get as much water out of the fabric as possible. Alternatively, use a tumble dryer setting for delicates. Remember, don’t dry them out completely! Just put them in for a short cycle, and remove them while they’re still slightly damp.

Iron and dry

You should iron your curtains while they’re still damp, working lengthways across the fabric to stop the seams from folding, and let them hang whilst still slightly damp to dry.

Final touches

Clean the surrounding area around the curtains such as the windows and sills where dust may accumulate. Hang the curtains back up and give them a quick wipe down to remove any dust particles.