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Top tips for cleaning your shower

When it comes to deep-cleaning your bathroom, the shower can often get overlooked. Whilst it doesn’t need the same level of maintenance as the household toilet or sink unit, it’s important to give it some TLC every now and then. Here are some tips for keeping your shower fresh and hygienic.


Knowing your tools

It’s important to know which tools are going to help you the most. For example, a grout brush will work wonders on removing mould and mildew from between your tiles, and a simple squeegee will allow you to wipe away water before it has a chance to leave water marks or harbour bacteria in your shower.


Keep clear and unclog

Drains can become clogged easily with hair and debris from frequent shower usage. It is vital to look after the interior of your shower’s workings as well as the exterior. By using a thin object such as a wire hanger, you can easily pull out and remove the clogged hair from your drain before it causes expensive problems in your plumbing. You can also use a drain cleaner to further maintain a clog free drain.


Keep shower products to a minimum

Try and keep the number of products in your shower to a minimum. The more bottles of hair and body products that you have, the more covered space there is for damp areas to develop out of sight. Having excess products everywhere can also make cleaning your shower more arduous than it needs to be.


Perform regular maintenance

Despite the shower not needing the same level of maintenance as the toilet or the sink, performing regular bouts of cleaning can save you having to perform a deep cleanse for months at a time. Using a simple shower cleaner spray and a squeegee can allow you to go months without needing to perform a deep clean depending on the usage of your shower.