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Top tips on cleaning up pet hair!

We love our fur babies, but their hair gets everywhere – especially if you have a long-haired breed. We’re all familiar with the struggle of hoovering the carpets, hoping it sucks up the pet hair, but it ends up just moving the hair around. Don’t even mention the amount of lint rollers a pet owner goes through!

To help out all you pet owners out there, we’ve made a list of helpful tips on how you can effectively clean up pet hair:

Use a wet rubber glove:

If the hoover and lint rollers aren’t shifting the pet hair lovingly left by your furry friends, a damp rubber glove may do the trick! Run it under the tap, put it on, and then wipe the furniture, curtains, clothing, and carpets. The hair should stick to the glove very easily, making removal a breeze. Plus, you can reuse a rubber glove again and again, making it a cheap and easy method for everyone!

Use a flip-flop:

If your hoover doesn’t cut it, you’re going through lint rollers at an alarming rate, and you don’t have a rubber glove, a flip flop works just as well! Simply take a clean rubber flip flop and run it over your furnishings. This should collect the pet hair, making it easy to scoop up and dispose of.

Dryer sheets:

If you don’t have any dryer sheets, colour catchers will work just as well. Slightly dampen the sheet, and then run it over your furnishings, clothes, etc to catch the hair. This method is widely praised, and can pick up pet hair from virtually any surface.

Sticky tape:

Sticky tape, or duct tape for the more stubborn pet hairs, works wonders in picking up hair from any surface. This is especially effective for clothing, and is a great alternative to lint rollers. Simply take a strip of tape, press down on the surface, lift up, and watch the magic happen.

Use a rubber broom:

For vinyl, tile, or wooden floors, a rubber broom will be your best friend. It’s notoriously hard to pick up pet hairs from these surfaces, and we all know hoovers aren’t the most effective method. As with rubber gloves and flip flops, rubber brooms work exactly the same way. The hair sticks to the rubber, allowing for an easy clean up.

A humidifier:

Aside from keeping us cosy in the winter, humidifiers are also a godsend when it comes to pet hair. They can actually prevent loose fur from clinging to surfaces! So if you’re looking for an alternative solution, then it could be worth investing in a humidifier.