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Clogged drains? Unclog them without paying for a plumber!

You’re in the shower, and the water is lapping at your feet. You hope it’ll sort itself out, but the water rises each time you shower. Filled with hope, you attack the drain with the plunger and any liquid drain un-blocker you can find – but to no avail.

Before you give up and call a plumber, try these useful tips and save yourself some money:


A bent coat-hanger:

Take a wire coat-hanger (we all have some spare just lying around), and straighten it out as much as you can. Then, bend one end so it forms a hook – time to go fishing! Have a bag at the ready, because you’ll probably pull all sorts of smelly gunk out. Once you’ve got as much out as you can, run the hot water and things should clear up nicely!


Baking soda and vinegar:

Combine these two ingredients together, and you’ll have a drain-busting mixture! Mix five tablespoons of baking soda with five tablespoons of vinegar. This will fizz straight away; don’t be alarmed! You’ll want to pour the mixture down the drain immediately as the fizzing action will help to break up any grime build-up. Let it sit for a few hours or ideally overnight. Then, flush through with hot water.


Boiling water:

You don’t need to buy any fancy ingredients or use any tools for this one, simply boil the kettle and pour the water down the drain. You don’t want to pour it all down at once, however. Try to tackle it in stages; pour a bit down and wait for it to drain, then pour another small amount down, repeating this process until the kettle is empty.


Empty the U-Bend:

Your sink is blocked and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry! You don’t need to have any sort of plumbing experience to do this. Locate the U-bend beneath the sink, and place a bucket or some sort of container underneath. This will be useful once the section of piping is off. Then, you’ll want to take a wrench and loosen the nuts at both ends of the pipe. When the pipe is free, turn it upside-down and shake the contents out into the container you should have placed underneath. You might need to poke around inside the pipe to dislodge any stubborn debris, so have rubber gloves at the ready! Rinse the pipe with water, screw it back in place, and the blockage should have cleared.

Washing-up Liquid:

Clogged up toilets are the worst, but they don’t need to fester. Simply pour four tablespoons of washing-up liquid into the toilet bowl; this will act as a lubricant to help break up any residue. Then, you’ll need to boil some water and pour this into the toilet bowl, allowing it to combine with the washing-up liquid. Have a plunger at the ready, because it’s time to get to work! Start plunging vigorously, working the mixture into a froth. If this doesn’t help to clear the blockage, then you may have to get the rubber gloves out.


Baking soda, vinegar, gravity, and pressure:

Stay with us on this one – it works wonders if you have a clogged bath drain! Mix up the baking soda and vinegar as instructed earlier in this blog, pour it down the bath drain, and put the plug in. Let this sit for up to an hour, then fill your bath with water (keeping the plug in). Get ready, because it’s time to pull the plug! The pressure of the water should dislodge the blockage, which will have been loosened by the baking soda and vinegar mixture.

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