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Natural Laundry Stain Removers

Not a fan of using harsh chemicals as a way of removing stains from your clothes? Don’t panic, we have made a list of all-natural stain removers that are just as effective, if not better, than harsh chemicals!

Distilled White Vinegar:

This is an excellent, cheap, and effective method of brightening your whites and removing stains. One cup of this added to the final rinse of your wash will work wonders at removing yellow underarm stains, mildew stains, and odours. Distilled white vinegar can even be used to clean your washing machine – a true multi-purpose natural product to keep in your home!

Lemon/Lime Juice:

100% lemon or lime juice has a natural bleaching effect due to the acetic acid it contains. Avoid using this on coloured/dark fabrics as this risks causing permanent discolouration. However, it’s perfectly safe to use on white fabrics to remove yellow underarm stains and rust stains. Pour a small amount of juice on the affected area before washing, and ideally leave the item of clothing in direct sunlight. Then wash as usual in your washing machine; perhaps use the above distilled white vinegar method if you have particularly stubborn stains.

Baking Soda:

This is a fantastic, cheap ingredient that you probably have tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. Baking soda is great at combating odours to keep your laundry smelling fresh, and is safe to use on all fabrics, including baby and children’s clothing.

Baking soda also increases the performance of ordinary laundry detergents, softening fabrics and reducing the amount of soap suds.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

This can be found lurking in your medicine cabinet and is a much better alternative than harsh chlorine bleach when you need to bleach your clothes. It breaks down when exposed to water and oxygen, making it more environmentally friendly than chlorine bleach.

Hydrogen peroxide is excellent at removing yellow underarm stains, nail polish stains, curry stains, and red wine stains.

Talcum Powder, Corn-starch, or Chalk:

These simple ingredients work wonders at absorbing oily stains. If you can catch an oil or grease stain fast enough, then these ingredients can remove it straight away.

The most common method of using these products is to sprinkle the stain liberally with the talcum powder, corn-starch, or thoroughly rub the area with white chalk. Then, all you need to do is let this sit and work its magic for around ten minutes. Finish up by washing the item of clothing as you usually would.


Table salt effectively removes rust and red wine stains and can absorb liquid stains before they set. If you accidentally spill red wine on clothing or your carpet, sprinkle the area liberally with table salt. Let it absorb the stain before brushing it away. Remember, if salt is left too long, it can stain fabric white.

Salt also works wonders at removing residue from the bottom of your iron. Lightly dampen a handful of table salt and gently scrub the faceplate of the iron. When it’s clean, wipe the salt off the faceplate and you’re good to go.