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How to avoid a messy staff room

Keeping a staff room clean can be a tricky task, especially in a workplace with a lot of employees. Everybody’s busy, no one knows who’s responsible, and the mess keeps piling up. But there are ways to deal with this, and the task is more manageable than it may look. Here’s our advice on how to keep the staff room clean and tidy.

Cleaning rotas

Having a schedule of who does what can eliminate the confusion over who’s supposed to be keeping the area clean. Keep it rotating so that it’s fair, and make sure people are sticking to it. Everyone gets to do their bit then, and people will be more inclined to keep the space tidy if they know they’ll be the ones cleaning it later.

Staff room rules

Set up rules to minimise the amount of cleaning. People can clear away their own dishes and rubbish. If people leave their food in the fridge by the end of Friday, it’ll get cleared out to stop the fridge from festering. It’ll be easier to tackle if everyone does their bit to start off with. Limit the amount of cleaning that needs doing and it’ll make things easier in the long run.


Overhauling the cleaning routine of the workplace may not be favoured by everyone. Being faced with taking out the bins or scrubbing the microwave isn’t the most inviting of tasks. Offer little incentives to get people on board, whether it be bringing in some nice biscuits or little prizes for the person who cleans up the best. The task will seem a little less daunting if everyone knows they are being recognised for putting in the work.

Be clear on standards

You’ve got your staff on board to keep the staff room clean, but what does that actually entail? Is it just cleaning the surfaces and putting away plates and cutlery? Or do you want the floors mopped and the coffee machine scrubbed? Set out what needs doing so that everyone’s clear. Everyone will be more willing to chip in if they know what’s expected.

Get the professionals

Sometimes the task is just too big for one team. Luckily, we can offer our services to give you a hand. Whether you want us to give you a hand or take on the task, we’re happy to help. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.