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Keep the office allergy-free with these tips

Over the past few summer months, pollen count has been high and allergies have been rife. It can be hard to be productive when you aren’t feeling your best, so managing these allergies is a must. While people will usually manage their own allergies, it can be hard to control the environment and the workplace can be a hotspot of allergy triggers. It’s not just pollen but mould and dust that can be troublemakers, so it’s important that the office follows a cleaning routine that will eliminate these triggers.

Firstly, keeping the workplace ventilated is a must. This will prevent damp and mould as well as keep clean air circulating through the room. However, if you keep the windows open all day, you risk triggering hayfever sufferers – keep the windows closed in the early morning and late afternoon while the pollen count is at its highest. If you are struggling to keep the windows open, then it might be worth investing in a dehumidifier.

When you aren’t using your keyboard, it is worth covering it so that it doesn’t allow dust to settle. Every day, give it a wipe over with a microfibre cloth so that anything that has already settled is removed. The same goes for any other surfaces where dust may settle, like shelves or the carpet. A good vacuuming and dusting routine will make sure to keep any of the allergens at bay.

While employees of the workplace might not be allergic to pets, visitors to your premises might be. If you allow employees to bring in their pets, you must make sure that you clean up after them. This means vacuuming wherever the pet has been and using lint rollers to remove any pet hair from clothing. Employee hygiene is a must, so make sure that they are washing their hands after touching pets to remove the allergens from their hands.

Everyone loves a fresh-smelling office, but aerosols and plug-in air fresheners can irritate asthma sufferers. If you clean the office well, there shouldn’t be a need for an array of air fresheners. Pick cleaners that are designed for commercial premises and make sure you have a strict cleaning routine.

Office plants are often neglected, however they can also be the ones to harbour allergens. Make sure to water them regularly and remove the top soil every so often so that it doesn’t grow mouldy. If they are proving to be a problem, it might be worth removing them entirely – you can find great fake plants that look realistic. Just make sure to wipe down the leaves!

Ultimately, a clean workplace will keep any allergens at a minimum. Make sure your cleaning routine is followed or consider using our services.