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When you should be cleaning around your home  

Should I be changing my bed sheets more regularly? Have I vacuumed enough to keep my carpets in good condition? Am I spending too much time cleaning when I don’t need to? These are questions that might go through your mind when you’re planning to clean. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of the main household chores and how often you should be doing them.



The first thing you should be doing every day is make your bed. You should also wash up any dishes you use straight after you use them and wipe down your kitchen counters after preparing food on them. It’s also worth wiping down bathroom surfaces to keep them fresh and clean. While you’re there, pop some toilet cleaner in the bowl. There’s not much cleaning you need to do daily – but the more you can keep tidy, the less work you’ll have later on.



You should set aside a little time each week to do a deeper clean. This involves mopping or vacuuming the floors, dusting furniture, chucking out any food that’s gone off and changing your bedding. You might also want to clean your microwave if you use it regularly, but if it’s not something you usually use then you can leave this to do fortnightly.



Each month you can tackle those jobs that don’t need tackling so often. This includes dusting light fixtures, dusting blinds and doing a deep clean on your dishwasher and washing machine. If you’ve kept up with your daily and weekly cleaning, there shouldn’t be a lot you need to do every month.


Six months

These are bigger jobs that might need a bit more time dedicated to them, but luckily they aren’t very often. This is when you should clean your fridge and freezer, as well as the inside of your oven. It’s also a good time to vacuum your mattress and freshen up your patio.



Every year you should do a deep clean – on your furniture, your carpets and your windows. This is also the time to clear out your gutters. If you have a chimney, you might want to give that a clean once a year, although you might get a professional in for it. These might be the most time consuming tasks, but they’re only carried out once a year and you’ll feel so much better for doing them.