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How to keep your house clean when you’re busy

Keeping your home clean when you don’t have a lot of time isn’t the easiest of tasks. Being busy doesn’t mean that you can’t have a clean home, however. Here’s how you can have a clean home no matter how busy you are.


Clear out the clutter

The more clutter that’s in your home, the more stuff you need to clean. Get rid of anything you don’t want or use as it’s probably gathering dust. This will also make it easier to store your belongings away properly, like in cupboards or ottomans, which will also keep them clean.



Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to clean the whole house at once. Pick what’s dirty and focus on that. You’ll get round to the rest of the house another time. Cleaning a little bit each day rather than trying to get it all done at once will make the task much easier.


Clean as you go

It might be tempting to put off cleaning the kitchen after dinner until later but you’ll end up building up cleaning jobs. Put away things straight after you use them, clean up your dishes once you’ve finished eating and tidy the bathroom when you get out of the shower. If you have children, make sure they’re tidying up their toys straight after playtime.


Get the kids involved

You don’t have to tackle the cleaning tasks by yourself – enlist the help of your children. Whether it be dusting, washing the dishes or vacuuming their bedroom carpets, every little helps. With the whole family involved, you can all feel proud of the home you live in.


Use your time wisely

If you live a busy lifestyle, utilising all of your time is important. If you’re sitting through an advert break on television, use the time to wash all the empty mugs and bowls of snacks. If you’re waiting for your family to get ready to go out, get a head start on the laundry. Finding time within your day will let you get much more cleaning in without feeling like it’s sucking up all your time.


Mini-clean between your big clean

A packet of multipurpose wipes will be your best friend if you live a busy life. Keep surfaces and porcelains clean with a quick wipe so when you do a deep clean there’s less grime to get through. This 30 second task will make big cleaning sessions much quicker.


Get a cordless vacuum

Hoovering the carpets can be a mammoth task if you have to pull out a massive vacuum. A handheld vacuum will make it easier to get out when you want to quickly go over your carpet and so you’ll be more likely to keep them clean.