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Cleaning products you didn’t even know you had in your kitchen  

There seems to be a million different household cleaners out there for your home, from drain unblocker to bathroom cleaner and furniture polish. But what if you could replace all of these with things you find in your kitchen? There’s plenty out there to help you cut down on all of those extra expenses. Here are some of the things that you can use around the house to get your house clean as a whistle.



The skin from this fruit makes an excellent leather buffer. Don’t let the inside go to waste – eat it and then rub the skin into anything leather you have to bring it up to a beautiful shine. Wipe away the residue and you’re ready to go.



Pesky limescale clogging up your shower or your kettle? Simply rub a cut lemon over your shower head, or use lemon juice and a splash of vinegar in your kettle and leave to sit before rinsing it out. They’ll be sparkling in no time!


Bicarbonate of Soda

This stuff is great for getting rid for bad odours, and can replace a lot of your general household cleaners! Sprinkle over your bathroom surfaces and wipe away with a wet cloth to get it looking spick and span. You can also use it to unclog drains -put a splash of vinegar with the bicarbonate of soda down them and the gunk will wash away. Even your gym trainers can benefit. By sprinkling some of it inside the shoes overnight (and shaking It out in the morning!) any bad smells will fade away.



These nuts (that aren’t quite a nut) are perfect for buffing out marks in wooden furniture. Make sure it’s out of its shell and rub it into any scuffs. The oil from the nut settles into the scratches and they’ll disappear before your very eyes.



Next time you can’t finish your drink, don’t pour it down the sink – pour it down the toilet! Coke will cut right through any grime harbouring in there. Just let it sit and then flush away. Job done!



This naughty drink can come quite in handy around the house. A natural disinfectant, you can spritz a little bit on your hand for a make-shift hand sanitizer. Diluted vodka can also make your windows squeaky clean, and if you spray it from a bottle onto your clothes you can get rid of any odours.


Dish Soap

This one might be a little bit of a cheat to the list, but you do find it in your kitchen! Dab a little bit into any greasy stains on your clothes, leave to sit and then chuck in the washing machine. That annoying stain should lift itself right out.